Teensy 4.1 Case for SLA Printing - Bottom Half - Un-tested


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Here is a case bottom I made for a Teensy 4.1. It is not finished but I thought I would Share my work so far. I used FreeCAD to put in some dimensions of the Teensy PCB and made some PCB Supports allowing about a 0.1mm tolerance for each face that touches another object. The top of the Teensy PCB should be level with the top face of the Bottom half of the case.


I made no provisions for pins yet, I am still thinking of what else I should add. I will need to lookup the Engineering drawings for the USB cable and Ethernet Port so I can make some Knockouts for them and maybe some Knockouts for things like the Memory and Pin access under the SD Card. Debating on some Options for the Button as well.

I would also Like to use some Schotkey Diodes to detect USB Power and External Power, Maybe AA, AAA, 9V, and/or 18650's.

I've been toying with this SLA Resin for my 3D printer and using a UV Flashlight to apply and cure it to different things. I may try potting the Teensy in this case and maybe use small pogo pins.

I will include the FreeCAD file I am working on, in the state as pictured in the Photos above, so if anyone is interested they can customize it. Just a note, SLA Printing requires a gap of 0.2mm between touching parts/objects for a tight fit and a 0.3mm gap for a loose fit. Atlease with my printer and resin. Also I used Refine so if you make changes to the file you will probably see errors. You will have to delete things like Chamfers, Drafts, and Filets and turn off Refine on all Pads/Pockets then redo the Chamfers and Filets as a FINAL step. SO... Please look at the settings and locations of the Chamfers/Drafts/Filets so you can redo them if needed.

The file is too large for the Forums, size on disk is 11,169,792 bytes for the resulting zip so I will have to Edit when I can find a place to upload the file to. Maybe there is a Setting for admins/moderators to allow a bigger attachment per user. I'll try pushing the file to Teensy Warriors on FB if it is allowd.

EDIT: I uploaded the file to the FaceBook group "Teensy Warriors" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1470129233297275/permalink/3449051552071690
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Here is the results so far. I will have to add a few more supports. Very snug fit.


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