Teensy 4.1 CNC controller progress - 1000 units shipped!


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About 3 years ago I started designing a CNC controller board based on the Teensy 4.0. It worked really well but needed a few more pins so I moved up to the T4.1 and added in ethernet. I posted about it here in Oct 2021. Here's the Tindie page. There was a market for the board and 1.5 years later, I recently sold the 1000th board. Given that it takes more than a small amount of soldering (32 screw terminals, 11 pinheaders, 2 sockets and a trimmer pot, for the USB version, The Ethernet version adds a pin header, socket and MagJack), I am very surprised that I've sold that many. And, the order stream shows no sign of letting up. The reviews on Tindie are uniformly very good.

PJRC's Teensy 4.1 is core to the success of this board. I looked at using other boards as the basis of the controller. The Blue Pill and Black Pill were contenders but there was too much variation in the products - not all Blue Pills were the same and there was no central design authority. The Teensy won because of awesome performance and design ownership by PJRC. I could always count on the T4.1 working consistently. Ethernet support turned out to be huge benefit. Given the amount of counterfeiting of the STM32F1xx, I really did dodge a bullet there. Thanks to for Paul and Robin for a fantastic product and fantastic company.

Phil Barrett
Brookwood Design
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