Teensy 4.1 compatibility with adafruit 3.5 inch with breakout board


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I've been trying countless thing to get the display to initialize. I've used countless different libraries. I'm using 8 bit parallel but I'm not sure if I should just use spi to simplify everything. I need the screen to react to input in real time and display an animation. I'm just not sure if spi would be quick enough for that. I know on the teensy website it says to stay away from 8bit parallel unless you're skilled. If anyone could shed some insight onto this I'd be ecstatic. It's getting power and I'm quite sure I'm using the standard pins and they're connected correctly. But no matter what code i upload to it, it just stays blank. Please help🥲 it's using the ili9488 and on teensy website they say to use a different type and I'm not sure if that will benefit me because I will be adding custom animations
Is it easy to implement? I'm fine with choosing another screen combo that has more time invested into it if that's what it takes
This display?

we have SPI version probably would not be too hard to add to our ili948x parallel code
but that is often famous last word
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