Teensy 4.1 DIN rail system


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Hello all

I have been tinkering around with a DIN rail mounted 4.1 system and it is actually coming out quite well!

The main CPU module has the 4.1 in it with a 36 way bus that runs the length of all the slave modules.
It incorporates a 100-230v to 3.3v and 5v PSUs (with thermal fuses), voltage/amperage detection IC's for these PSUs (linked to the 4.1), the second USB port is broken out, as is the Ethernet port and I also installed a battery holder.

The SD card slot faces outwards on the top

All the pins are broken out with indicator leds for each pin which can be controlled by the processor to indicate if that pin is available or being used by a slave module further down the bus.

The top panel of the DIN enclosure is multi-function. You can have a 2.4" TFT touchscreen, 0.91" screens, buttons, magnetic hall sensors, pots etc Or indeed nothing at all!
The PCB can mount above or below the plastic support rails, depending on whether it simply supplies the screen etc, or is actually the mounting plate for pots, switches etc.

Just wondered if anyone was interested in me making the PCB's available for them to tinker with once I am sure it all works fine.
They only fit OKW din rail modules which are only obtainable from them (but they are VERY good), but I could always source those if folk are interested.

I could also laser cut the enclosure 'panels' as required (SD card slot, leds. etc)
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