Teensy 4.1: from MIDI to Serial + MIDI


Good afternoon (just!).

I have had my Teensy 4.1 working very satsifactorily, for two or three years now as a USB MIDI device in my Virtual Pipe Organ (VPO).
However, thus far compilation has been set to "USB Type = MIDI". The MIDI messages pass both ways, Input & Output to/from the Teensy.
I now need to view some (existing) debugging messages using Serial output (Serial Input is not required, just Serial Output).
As there is currently no problem with the code, I have not included it.

If I set the USB Type to "MIDI + Serial" so as to permit me to pick up debug messages via Serial output, am I likely to break the MIDI operations?
The debug messages are already in place in the code as Serial.println() messages.
I want to pick them up for display via Putty, while the code is running in the organ.
But I also wish to check I won't break what is already running well!

Thanks in advance,

Kenneth Spencer
I use a T3.6 for the MIDI interface between two keyboards and VPO. I added code to print some info periodically to the serial monitor and compiled it with "Serial+MIDI". The output doesn't interfere with the VPO.

Thanks, Pete.

I take it your VPO is Hauptwerk?
I've used both the 3.X and 4.X Teensys over the 5 years that I've been developing my current instrument.
I had to change over to the 4.1 when I added extra buttons & LEDs to look after Stepper functions.
Have you ever used the PJRC Timer utility to pick up the PC time?

Best wishes,

Kenneth Spencer
Hi Kenneth.
Yes, it's Hauptwerk V4 (I can't justify upgrading to V7 since I play badly and infrequently).
I only use two buttons on the T3.6 and I wrote my own software sequencer since I don't have a pedal board.
I haven't tried to get the PC time on a Teensy. If I need an accurate time, I usually also have a GPS or a WWVB interface on the Teensy.