Teensy 4.1 hang up when using USBHost_t36.h with HUB to control multiple midi device

The keyboard I was using during the tests was a VISCOUNT piano physis model H1
But now (just yesterday) I sold the viscount and I am waiting for a new keyboard (still under selection: could be an A 88 MK II by ROLAND or a VPC1 by KAVAI which I'd rather.
About the usb HUB tests done with Viscount the problem was that : the two old HUBS are too old to be considered.
The Sabrent is new even if is a usb 2.0.: I bought it on Amazon just to have a model like yours.
It was working fine with viscount using the gate 1,2,3 but was not working with the gate 4.
I will make new tests with the new keyboard when available.