Teensy 4.1 Has anyone managed to do Ethernet with selfmade board layout?

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Hi everyone,

I made a board with a Teensy 4.1 plugged into it. I also put a magjack on it for ethernet. After the first version of the board didn't work, I read a paper on ethernet layout design rules and re-did the board. Still I can't get any connection. What am I missing? The PJRC Ethernet kit just works fine and it's plain ribbon cable.
I attached the schematics and layout. Can someone have a look at it?
I'm using a PulseJack J0011D01BNL MagJack, which has the same pinout and dimensions as the connector used on the PJRC kit.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, since I've run out of ideas.

Looking at the J0011D01BNL datasheet, it looks like the pinout is different between the J0011 and the J1B1211CCD that PJRC uses?
Here is the J0011
ethernet 1.PNG

and J1B1211CCD
ethernet 2.PNG

Cable side is the same but PCB side looks different to me. The J0012 looks like it matches.

ethernet 3.PNG
I can't believe i didn't check that myself, thanks for pointing it out! This surely taught me not to trust any user contributed librarys in EasyEDA.

Thanks again, you just saved my project!
No problem. Hope it is really as easy as swapping out a part rather than needing another pcb manufactured. I have been fine so far with user libraries, but it is always good to double check them for sure. Have fun with your project.
It's a shame 10/100 Magjack pinouts never followed any sort of standard. So many different & incompatible pinouts for exactly the same circuitry!
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