Teensy 4.1 INMP441 Input


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Hi! Sorry, I am very new to this. I have a lot of questions regarding Teensy 4.1 and I2S. Do I need an audio shield when I am going to connect an INMP441 MEMS microphone to the Teensy? Can I have any guide as to how to configure my microphone to the Teensy? I tried looking into the Audio System Design Tool and I am not really sure how to use it. I am really lost and I need to do this. Thanks.
If you're completely new to the audio library, this 31 page tutorial might help. It uses the audio shield, but a lot of the concepts apply to use with other hardware.

If you scroll down that page, there's a 45 minute walkthrough video of the entire tutorial. If you get stuck or just prefer to watch a demo rather than read the PDF, hopefully the video can help.