Teensy 4.1 making the world safe for Wayland :-).


I just got (phase 1) of my project working to use a teensy 4.1 to apply all the mouse settings I want independent of what mouse features the operating system provides:

Mouse Tailor (links to code in that web page)

It works great in the current hard coded mode to implement drag lock for my trackball. No linux wayland compositor seems to support this, so as a fun project I decided to do it in microcode outside of the system.

Next up: I'll probably think about lots of additional mouse tweaks I can provide and configure them from a file on the sdcard so I don't need to reprogram to get new features (but I don't know if I'll get the energy for that anytime soon).

P.S. I added an interface to the USB library code to simplify my implementation.
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