Teensy 4.1 - NXP MIMXRT1062DVJ6B

I can add just a bit more info. That chip with code "AVNH" is probably 2019 to 2021 vintage.

Here is a photo of a newer chip with "AAUY" sitting on the NXP packaging label with date code 2325 and lot code info.


At the very least, hopefully this photo can help to confirm any answer NXP gives.
I only know how to read the first line, where M2T5 identifies the part number as MKL02Z32 (the last character is number '5' not letter 'S').

On this chip, I have no idea how to interpret "AVNH". I suspect it is the date code and maybe more info, but I really do not know.

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How to read the 2nd line is question for NXP. Maybe try asking on their community forum? Please feel free to copy this photo for your question on their forum. If you do ask over there, please give the link here so anyone who same question can find NXP's answer.
I'm sorry, I was talking about the big chip in the middle. This looks like one of the smaller ones.
Ok, I thought you were asking about the U2 chip because of "decipher the manufacture date of the bootloader". U2 is the bootloader chip. U1 is the main processor, MIMXRT1062DVJ6B.

About the first 4 letters, "CTDA" in your photo, also a good question for NXP. I don't know what they mean. If you ask on NXP's forum and get an answer, please share a link so anyone who later finds this question can get to the answer. I'm also a bit curious...
Well 2007 is the standard year/week date code I think, I've a T4 U1 with DVL6A, 0N00X, CTBP1941E - CTxx may be a batch code, then YYWWD perhaps?