Teensy 4.1 Operating Environment Specifications? Temperature Range, Radiation, Vacuum

Hello all,

My team is currently looking at the Teensy 4.1 to be used as an on board computer for a CubeSat. I am wondering if anyone has ever seen it implemented before in the LEO space environment, any references to pre-existing work would be greatly appreciated!

The main specifications I hope to find are operational temperature range, radiation total ionizing dose, and the use of vacuum compatible materials.
  1. operational temperature range: My next course of action would be to comb through the data sheets of all of the individual IC's used on the teensy, but first, has anyone done this already?
  2. radiation, allowable total ionizing dose: This is quite involved testing and I realize I am probably not going to get any help with this one.
  3. vacuum compatible materials: Any information on the solder composition used in the assembly of the board? A common thing to look out for in electronics for space applications is Whiskering.
I hope this sparks an interesting discussion! Thanks!

Alexander Hickman