Teensy 4.1 pin mapping for INT0_vect to INT7_vect


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Could someone let me know where to find the pin mapping document, please?
I'd like to use all available 8 pins for the external Interrupt Request.

Those are names for 8 bit AVR. They don't apply to Teensy 4.1.

On Teensy 4.1, pins can be either fast or slow GPIO. We default all pins to fast. The fast GPIO all share a single interrupt vector, named IRQ_GPIO6789. We support attachInterrupt() on all digital I/O pins using code which reads hardware registers and calls your function. Here is a direct link:

So if you want the simple way with some small software overhead, all pins are usable with attachInterrupt(). Pick any 8 you like! Or more than 8 if you wish.

If you want to dive into the low-level details to craft your own code, start by understanding the hardware is completely different than AVR and try to forget everything you've learned or heard that's AVR specific. You'll need to refer to the reference manual and maybe use that interrupt.c code as a starting point or example.