Teensy 4.1 to 600w amplifier


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Hi, I'm trying to use my Teensy 4.1 board to output wav files coming from the built-in SD card to a speaker.

Upon checking the teensy audio library, Teensy can be connected using I2S to an audio board available for teensy 4x and another available option is using Adafruit Max98357a breakout board.

My question is, is it possible/safe to connect either the Teensy Audio Shield or the Adafruit Max98357a breakout board to another amplifier?

For my project, i'm required to input audio to an amplifier with rated output of 600w connected to 4 speakers.
In short, Yes. However, I would be apprehensive connecting to an Amp that does not contain a built-in signal limiter.
My setup is T4.1 > Audio Shield Line out > Low impedance instrument input on a BA-210v2 (450w).