Teensy 4.1 unlabeled pads - where to find documentation


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Is there documentation on the unlabeled pads for the Teensy 4.1 board? Like the pads located in a row across the board between pins 27 and 38 for instance. I also couldn't find the pinout for the 5 pin USB connector header pads. I tried quite a bit of looking around, but I didn't have any luck.
Yes - Wish there was a back page on the T4.1 card...

My quick print of my T4.1 extended card from the Excel document that @defragster mentioned,


I updated slightly, it may not show up overly well, but the pins between 27 and 38 match the end pins on T4
So From top(38) to bottom(27) Are: On/Off, Program, GND, 3.3V, VBat

My excel document image shows the the IO pins associated with the memory chip pads.

The 5 pin USB matches the pins for T3.6 So if you look at those pins from side closest to USB connector going toward the SDCard. Are (+5V, DM, DP, GND, GND)
Thank you both defragster and KurtE! That answered my question perfectly. LOL, I think I looked at the back of the T4.1 card about 3 times thinking the info should be on there.