TEENSY 4.1 where do I connect to use third SPI


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My project is SPI intensive with significantly different priorities on SPI usage, and I would like to make use of all three SPI connections. I see pins labeled MISO and MISO1 on the Pinout Card. I don't see anything labeled MISO2. Which holes in the middle are which?
You can either get to them by the SDCard pin or from the bottom memory chips.
You can see them on my cheat sheet which you can download from
Card Like:

Pin Mux values:
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Where can I buy that as as poster?
Not sure ;)

But excel document with it, plus a PDF that this image is from is up at: https://github.com/KurtE/TeensyDocuments

And to all, if you find problems in it, let me know. It has been within the last couple of weeks that a few were found that I had not run into...

EDIT: Forgot to mention it is one of the pages (actually several) in https://github.com/KurtE/TeensyDocuments/blob/master/Teensy K66 Beta Pinout.xlsx

Some of the pages are WIP, like the T4.1 MUX page as I wanted a page that has all of the ALT number for each of the pins to what function.

Also second part there is the real WIP part where I started going through doing the IOMUXC_xxx_SELECT_INPUT values for many of these pins.
Like to use pin 7 for Serial you need to alo set: IOMUXC_LPUART4_RX_SELECT_INPUT=2
I've added a link to this thread on the Teensy 4.1 product page.

New Teensy 4.1 cards are also being printed. I'm waiting to update the website until we actually start shipping the freshly printed cards. But the info isn't a secret. If you want an early look, or want the print the new card yourself, here are the latest PDF files.


Looks great! Lots of good information on a small card.

I keep adding pages to that excel document, as even my larger card still does not show everything. Example of extract from IMXRT reference manual IOMUXC data about the different pins:

Again not done as I was adding second page that showed the input select registers, as I have been bit by not setting these more than once!:
But I only do a little at a time: Example showing parts of the first few pins:
For example on pin 0, Column 5 the register: IOMUXC_LPUART6_RX_SELECT_INPUT=1
Was probably the first one that bit me, when working on Hardware Serial.