Teensy 4/4.1 wifi solution


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I know this topic has been brought up before, but it occurred to me if you have a raspberry pi (most of us already have at least a 3b+, 4, maybe even a 5 or possibly zero w/2w lying around by now), you could could connect the ethernet directly from your teensy 4.1's eth adapter to a pi, then bridge the ethernet connection to your wifi network on the pi. Then you don't have to write any specific code to handle the interface, just use the teensy ethernet library. Of course this is not the most ideal solution and not the most lightweight or low power, but it works. Thoughts?
Why not use a simple wifi router. Configure it once in extender/repeater (can't remember the exact term) so it will connect to your main Wifi.
Cheaper than a Pi, no software. As for the Pi, we all have an unused old router.