Teensy 4 Virtual LCD


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I have been trying to compile swr/power meter code by Loftur Jonasson. Everything compiled except his reference to VirtLCD. I cannot find any library or reference to that piece of code. I would like to make it work. If I remove references to Virtual LCD; it works.

VirtLCDw.init(); // Instantiate one 20x10 text screen
// Instantiate a second 20x10 text screen in yellow
VirtLCDy.int(20,10,10, 1, DroidSansMono_18, ILI9341_YELLOW, ILI9341_BLACK);
// Instantiate two 6x1 large text screens, in Yellow and Red
VirtLCDlargeY.init ( 6, 1,70,155, DroidSansMono_48, ILI9341_YELLOW, ILI9341_BLACK);
VirtLCDlargeR.init ( 6, 1,70,155, DroidSansMono_48, ILI9341_RED , ILI9341_BLACK);


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I didn't try building, but I looked at the source, and the "VirtLCD" objects are instances of a class called TextBox. That class is defined in the source, so tell us what error message(s) you're getting.
You clued me into the problem. I didn’t understand classes so I dived right in and figured it out. Thanks for the kick in the pants. You never quit learning!