Teensy 4.x with Industrial-Temp iMXRT1062

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Teensy 4.x uses the "D" (Commercial, 0 to 95C) variant of the 1062. If designing a custom PCB, can the "C" (Industrial, -40 to 105C) variant be used with no effect on software? If so, would PJRC be willing to provide an option for the Industrial-Temp variant?
I had asked in this thread:

Paul guessed that it would work and that they might even be the same chip and just binned differently. I will be designing some boards around the MIMXRT1062CVJ5B "soon" and will post here regarding success / failure when I do. Those are custom boards, of course, I can't speak to whether they would be an option for a stock Teensy 4.1. I have a few MIMXRT1062CVJ5B I could send anyone that is wanting to test the industrial temp version in the next couple months and willing to report back results.
Thanks. I should have searched more. Will let you know if we decide to go this route. Remember the days when you could actually call an applications engineer at a chip manufacturer and get an answer to a question like this?
If it does work, remember to set Tools > CPU Speed to 528 MHz (or less) since the industrial temp version is only rated for 528 MHz.
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