Teensy as USB Headset Adapter

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Hi, this is very interesting, when news of this integration will be available?
I plan to use the Teensy 3.1 and audio adapter to create an USB Headset Adapter,
then I also ask advice to realize it and may be feasible to use the Teensy in the scenario like that?
Thank for our time.
No, I'm sorry, there's no firm date for USB audio support. It is going to happen eventually, but when is still very much unknown.
Thx, Paul for the info,
but you think it may be possible to have enough bandwidth with other protocols PC <-> Teensy to transmit and receive voice?
The sampling frequency needed is in a range 8000-12000 Hz, the Audio Lib support other sample rate or it is fixed?
@TronicLabs: I can definitely confirm by experiments that there is enough bandwidth available for a stereo 24-bit 48kHz audio stream. (tested from the teensy to a computer with real sound, but sent via USB-Serial, which is far from optimal in terms of usability).
Teensy USB is based on USB 1.1 = 12Mbit theoretical max, I'ld guess something in the order of 8-9Mbit real troughput (for a simple one-way async application.)
One uncompressed stereo in- and one uncompressed stereo out stream for an headset-application should be doable without problems, although the actual USB part requires some major "heavy lifting" implementation-wise.
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Thx CyborgEars for your info.
Even if your experiment is not full-duplex,
can you show me an example of how you've implemented the audio data transfer with the USB-Serial?
I used the regular Serial.write(), which can also write several bytes via Serial.write(buf, len).
USB Serial transfer is already highly optimized on the teensy.
I don't have code for the regular audio library data transfer.
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