Teensy boot sequence explanation


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I am new to this forum. I am a software/hardware developer and start using the Teensy 4.1 module as a hardware platform.
I am interested in the boot-sequence of the Teensy module and ARM processor and maybe someone can explain this to me.
Example (below are some assumptions, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong)
I have created a program which makes a LED blinking. This program has been flashed into the module with the Arduino IDE.
I assume that the program is placed into the flash of the Teensy module (chip U3 on the Teensy board) for permanent storage.
After power-up of the Teensy module this program will be copied into the RAM of the ARM-processor and will be than executed.
Is this correct?

What is the reset-address of the ARM-processor where it will start the program? Is this 00000000h?
I've look at the listing file of my program. There is a lot of code besides my code.
What is the use of this code?


There's a bootrom that runs first, that uses the extra info at the beginning of the flash image to configure a few things before jumping to the code stored on the flash. The details are in the IMXRT1060 reference manual.