teensy burned.


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ferrit in the photo burned with a little swelling barely visible on the micro processor.
the circuitry i was using worked perfectly fine for some time. i was using a 10uf capacitor between vin and agnd on teensy 3.6.
when moving from breadboard to a protoboard this happened. i made sure there was no short circuits and even tested the sensors i was working with each step. nothing was problematic on the power line. then suddenly card wasnt working and the last cables i soldered was almost on the opposite side of the board.
then i cut the power and checked for continuity heard a short beep* than nothing. tried several times and every single time there was a short beep* than nothing. (btw didnt noticed the black spot there or maybe it wasnt present at first).
checked teensy's pins than started removing stuff from the circuit till short beep wasnt present. (before all that after i checked the vin and agnd wasnt cousing any beeps i tried another teensy and now i have 2 broken teesyies (one looks like that and the other one looks perfectly fine)).
the beep* stopped when i removed the capacitor but then i checked if it was the faulty one which then measured perfectly fine??. i looked every where i could but still clueless about what happened. need help guys..
this one im shure with that swelling there is no hope but the other one i still hope that theres a way to fix it.
one last thing is that when i connect teensyies via usb, the fuse gets realy hot realy quick.


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