Teensy Controlled launchpad Uses Conway’s Game of Life to Generate Notes

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I have updated the Conway's "Game of Life" note generator to send two different self generated patterns, one to each of the MIDI DIN outs so the Volca Bass and FM have different patterns. One is based on a cell dying (red), the other on a cell being born (blue). MIDI clock is also sent out each DIN socket, enabling the FM to sync with the Drum. A couple of times the game got stuck in a loop and I re-seeded new cells to break the loop.

Cheers to this! Reminds me of the music created with AI. This is evidence that music is baked into everything we do on the most basic levels. We just need to reveal it in some way. Very cool.
#Jamuary 2022 Teensy Launchpad Memory Game plays Volca FM and Bass with Volca Modular weirdness

A Teensy microcontroller works with the launchpad and sequences the Volcas. The main sequence is sent to the Volca FM, which because it isn’t a mono synth doesn’t, always get the note off matching the notes played which introduces nice rhythms. The memory game alters the notes being played, shown by the different colour squares on the Launchpad. The Volca Bass only plays the notes altered by the Memory Game. The Modular makes interesting sounds, just because.

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