Teensy is at NAMM and new Cab IR loader EFX


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Teensy is at NAMM again this year in the form of the Aviate Audio Multiverse. New feature this year is IR support in the pedalboard designer, which we can now use to create our own guitar cab IR audio effects.

Here is the source code to my Blackaddr Audio CAB-IR effect. It's based on the great work by bmillier with his uniformly partitioned FFT convolution. The project is for Multiverse but you can easily adapt the code for your own Teensy projects as well. Max response is 42 ms so it uses very little memory and uses very little CPU. Note: not really intended for reverb IRs, but I'll have something for that coming soon.

It's also got some optional lowpass / highpass to tweak a cab that might be a bit to boomy, or harsh in the high end.