Teensy Large Piano Keyboard


My handstand coach asked if anyone could build a piano he could play with his feet while upside down. I volunteered, and this is the end result. (Sorry for Facebook video, but you don't need an account to view).


Uses Teensy 3.5 and based on Teensy Audio Wavetable Synthesis project. Can play chords and has four different voices. Some stereo separation as well. Control panel has volume and metronome controls as well as a small display. The switches are microswitches wired in a standard key matrix. The keys are white 1/8" hardboard with additional strips on the back to stiffen them. Cut out using my home CNC machine. Black keys are CNC carved from 1" craft foam and glued to hardboard strips. Thanks to the excellent Teensy audio and other libraries the software was fairly easy to write. Most of the time was spent on the mechanical parts.

My test of the first octave with chords and different voices. Final voices will be different.

Some closeup photos of keyboard under construction.
Very good, I have been looking for something to make an electronic organ but I can not. How are you able to implement the wavetable table?grateful

I have an array of 24 AudioSynthWavetable wavetables, one for each key. A whole bunch of AudioMixer4 mixers, then declare AudioConnection patch cords to connect everything together. The exact connections depend on how you do the stereo mixing. I try to blend the left and right hand of the keyboard so they cross fade 90% to 30% across the two channels.