Teensy / Launchpad sequencer (update)


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Hi! In the interest of sharing Teensy-based "fun but not rocket-science level" stuff here is a short clip from my standalone sequencer project based on a 4.1.

It currently has 7 tracks which can be set to control midi devices on serial or host usb ports (if decently compliant). Each track has 8 patterns edited on the Launchpad, while playing if you want. This matrix-based editing was the main reason I wanted to explore this concept. Patterns can be 1-128 "columns" and have variable speed as well. Patterns are polyphonic of course.

For connectivity I am heavily using the usb host library with and without interrupts simultaneously. But I made a pact with the devil so it works ;)

This short clip shows a "scene" mode which selects combinations of patterns that are cued in while playing. The concept is similar to many grooveboxes. Unfortunately no scene "chaining" yet, thus the occasional manual interaction.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Cheers, Daniel

It is off the shelf, a Novation Launchpad Mini Mk3. Very easy to work with for key input and rgb lighting. Would have preferred a DIY solution but with that many buttons and leds it gets complicated and expensive.

(Here is the dream though: https://www.midiphy.com/en/matrix/)
That’s awesome! During my evaluation, how my personal sequencer should look, I also started with a Launchpad (in my case the pro mk3, because it brings a mode, where you can easily use the pads as your own io by sending and receiving Midi via usb) and a Teensy! I built 2 hardware ideas afterwards and choose a more x0x approach (like Cirklon and Seq4+ do it), but am amazed how good you integrated both into one case, that is looks as if that’s one piece.

Nice Job!
Made a quick and dirty test of how the Beatmaster (cheesy name 1) plays with its older brother the Sidmaster (cheesy name 2). The Sidmaster was the first project where I a) used Teensy and b) made my first semi-advanced pcb. The Sidmaster is a T4.1 controlling 4 SID chips routed through two WM8731s.

Also added simple sample based drums to the sequencer, so it can claim to be a groovebox for real. But still not sure, maybe it should be be a pure midi controller.

Enjoy (but dont expect magic)

This looks great. I'm currently planning a Launchpad sequencer of my own. I'm curious how you solved the physical connections of power and communication. Are Teensy and Launchpad both connected to the same powered USB hub, and communicating via that as well? @MrCanvas
Yup, it was done as you described. In the video you can see the little usb cable loop from the Launchpad going into the integrated hub.

You can connect a Launchpad (mini) directly to the Teensy usb host if needed. But the Launchpad draws 300mA or so with all pads lit. Plus you probably want to connect other devices anyway so a powered hub works well.
Thanks! I was hoping to do a POC of something like this with a Teensy LC I had lying around (and Launchpad Pro), but I see now that I need something like a 4.1 and a host cable to even get started. :)
But this was most helpful! Great project!
Hi, Daniel,

Impressive work on your standalone sequencer project. The integration of Teensy based functionality with the launchpad for matrix-based editing sounds like a fascinating concept. It's commendable how you've managed to implement connectivity using the USB host library, even with simultaneous interrupts.