Teensy LC audio sample playback using onboard DAC?


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I'm sorry this is a lazy question, I should just try it myself.
But here it goes. I would like to play some short samples, (they could be 8bit@22KHz) on the Teensy LC.
Is there any support for this?

I recall people asking about this when using the prop shield.

Okay, my tests show sample playback does work in the Teensy LC, but polyphonic playback seems to be disabled.
So it's possible to use Teensy Audio Library code to produce some sound effects, but sparingly.

If I could get even 2 note polyphony I would experiment further with this and try 8 bit samples to conserve memory.

As it is I will investigate other options such as Mozzi, but not sure how to disable the Teensyduino libraries that are blocking Mozzi compilation.