Teensy: Maximum number of buttons for USB Controller?


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Hello everyone!

One of my longterm projects is building a DIY Retro-Handheld - similar to the Powkiddy X55.
I have started wondering if a Teensy (LC or other?) can provide the number of buttons that I require.
What I have so far: A SparkFun Pro Micro (Atmel32U4 chip), which successfully provides 14 pushbuttons and 4 axis (2 analog sticks).

I need at least two more buttons for system functions (e.g. start + select).
Which Teensy can provide at least 16 digital plus 4 analog inputs?

Thanks in advance!
Every Teensy can meet your need for at least 16 digital plus 4 analog inputs.

The answer your question about the maximum, if you connect the buttons in the simplest way, 1 button per pin, then you just need to look at the pinout diagram and count the number of available pins.

Many complex ways of connecting buttons allow more than 1 per pin. But if you have enough pins for the simple way, keeping things simpler is usually best.
Thanks for the reply, that sounds great!
Just a shame that the LC is out of stock in Germany right now... I guess I should to try the 3.2 or 4.0...
Or do you have another idea about a low-cost version?