Teensy2 simple usb_disk code sample (teensyduino or not)

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I plan to do a USBtoSPI bridge and so read as fast as possible (targeting 800MBytes/s) data coming from usb host computer to teensy2.

I'm looking for a teensy2 simple usb_disk/read sample code (arduino compatible or not) and not finding some sketch anywhere.
I can see some sample sketch in the arduino IDE for the other ones but nothing for mass storage USB.

I do not really understand your project, so this answer may or may not really apply?

USB mass storage is available for Teensy 2.0, in a limited form, from Teensyduino. Select "Disk" from Tools > USB Type.

On Teensy 2.0, the flash memory is read-only. On Teensy++ 2.0 it's writable.

On both, the sustained USB mass storage access speed is approx 500 kbytes/sec.

The SPI on Teensy 2.0 has no FIFO or DMA, so it is very difficult to sustain high speeds while also using USB communication or doing any other tasks. I still have no idea what you're really trying to accomplish, so this may or may not be a problem?
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