TeensyDAW: Lost Audio Connection (Mannicken´s Audio Tool)


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Hey everyone,

implemented Audio SoundEngines Classes(from Mannickens Audio Tool) into a baseclass, everything worked soundwise until
i completed the last classes and moved two AudioAmplifier nodes into the baseclass, then no sound with subclass type SoundEngines
Not able to restore the stage where the SoundEnginesworked with subclass-type
most possible some kind of including/implementation error

quite hard for me to post here as i´m not awaiting any help, but really desperate at the moment.
I´m working on a "Teensy DAW"
8 Tracks with each 8 Clips that can be arranged in a linear sequencer mode
8+ internal "sound Engines" or "Plugins" can be used on any of the tracks
3(+) FX to add more fun.

To my issue:
New to platformIO, new to Subclasses, new to .h/.cpp files.
At first i had a different class for each plugin (just like Manicken´s Audio Tool gives you the Zip-File Output)
Plugin-Classes/Tabs going into the FX_Section Class/Tab going into the Master-Out Class/Tab
everything worked so far, until i created a "Baseclass" for the Plugins as they share some functions

I started implementing the plugins into this baseclass one by one, everytime checking if the audio/plugins are still working (tested 5 from 8 plugins,
then i got into rush with kids, you know..), afterwards i tried to move two AudioAmplifier nodes to the baseclass as all plugins share those nodes.

When i was done with all that, none of the implemented plugins did work anymore. I reverted the last part with the amps, with no luck.
I went back to my original branch and tried from zero implementing the baseclass, but also i´m not able to get any sound of my baseclass based plugins, the old way (mannickens original Output) still works tho!!

What i did find out is that,
tho the baseclassPlugin is included into the FX_Section and all the plugin´s variables/nodes are available in this file,
i cant "stream" any Audio into the FX_Section.
I added a Serial.print() in the main loop reading the values from AudioAnalyzePeak
that is connected to a audio node in the pluginClass aswell in the FX_Section class, one for the subclass-type one for the "old" class type.
Old way is showing a constant stream of audio in both sections (Plugin and FX) while the "new" way only shows a "stream" in the plugin itself, and nothing in the FX_Section.

I must have lost some "connection" between the subclass-Type plugin and my FX_Section while implementing the baseclass, or when adding the Amps, idk.
Probably some kind of including/implementation error

As i said, the audio worked with subClasses for some time and
the functions/variables/nodes are available in the FX_Section and the following MasterOut classes/files

If you went so far to read this and still dont think i´m a donkey(or you do), here is my github link to the project:
the branch "main" is a working stage with all plugins implemented like Mannicken´s og Output "Style"

The related files are:
Output.h : holds the last Audio stage, distributes the functions (f.e. NoteOn/Off, setting parameters, drawing the plugin, setup) to the plugins
FX_Section.h : distributes Audio from the plugins into the Fx´s to an "FX_endmixer", FX_endmixer -> AudioOutput
Plugin_3.h/.cpp : Audio-plugin that inherits variables and functions from the baseclass
pluginClass.h/.cpp : plugin Baseclass
plugin_List.h/.cpp : declaring and defining the subclasses (later with an array of them) to include them in several files
any other plugin_x.h : working plugin with Mannicken´s original class style

I know this is a bunch of information and probably more then just a bunch of work/ time designation for you, if you´re willing to help me out :D
Maybe you ran into some kind of similar issue or you know that this is a common (including/implementation) error

Either i will be more then thankful if you´re able to help me out of this misere.... :)
TIA Steven :)