Teensyduino 1.43 Beta #3

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Paul: Just getting IDE 1.8.6 … now I see where that awkward 'Windows ZIP file for non admin install' wording comes from.
Can confirm that the mac slow gui issue seems to be fixed with original Arduino 1.8.6 and Teensyduino 1.42-beta3 (menu loading was slow right before installing teensyduino and fast after)!

macOS 10.13.6
With IDE 1.8.6. and TD 1.43b3 installed using TeensyLoader and "Teensy" Port to a T_3.6 I wrote an analog monitor with IDE "Serial Plotter" and indeed it works across Upload!

Nothing else odd seen on install or use, though most was TyComm .vs. Tloader which I had to pull to test this on one of the two T_3.6's active.
Maybe it's time to wrap up 1.43? If Arduino publishes 1.8.7 in the next week or two, then we'll just have to put out 1.44.

Or maybe wait just a little longer to see if 1.8.7 really is coming "soon"?
If I may. I've been using 1.43beta3 for every from UAVcan, USB Host Shield 2.0, to SBGC gimbal control with absolutely no issues. I would recommend to close the beta 3 out and make it 1.43 this way its associated with IDE 1.8.6 and if and when 1.8.7 comes out put out 1.44 that would just be associated with 1.8.7. This way one version of Teensyduino equates to one version of Arduino IDE.

I saw this IDE's arduino-builder.exe was nearly as large as the one manually imported before - does that mean it has the improved build tasking?

Unless you see anything you 'had' to add - or risks with stuff already added, getting 1.43 out of Beta might get more people using the improvements made.
Tim. I am pretty sure it does. While doing some debugging I was watching task manage disk and processor usage shoot up to close to 100%. Also saw that it is only recompiling those modules that changed - messages came back saying that it was using previously compiled .o files with the exceptions as noted.

Yes, arduino-builder in Arduino 1.8.6 has the parallel compile. It's faster, but far from linear scaling. A quad-core machine seems to get full rebuild times just under twice as fast, which is nice but nowhere near 4X faster.

It also seems to fix the unnecessary rebuild-all issues. Whether all those unnecessary rebuild issues are fixed, and whether its ability to only rebuild changed files (in the case of libs edited) is the same or better or worse than we had back at 1.8.1 is a good question. I really like 1.8.1.

However, arduino-builder in 1.8.6 is not quite the same as the one we were copying from 1.9-beta. By default it is still using ctags. The new (and still quite experimental) preprocessor stuff is not used, unless it's run with a special flag to enable the beta stuff. 1.8.6 doesn't use that flag, unless you edit & recompile the IDE's Java code or (maybe) mess with platform.txt. Terrible as ctags is (though many of its bugs have been fixed or worked around by now), we now have a good 4+ years of the entire Arduino community using it. The switch to something better is going to involve some pain, which is probably why they went to the trouble to add that flag before bringing the updated builder into 1.8.6.

Yesterday I tried to help the 1.8.7 process along, with pull requests to fix 3 of the 11 open issues marked as the 1.8.7 milestone. They merged one of mine, taking the list down to 10. Martino fixed 2, but their issues haven't been closed. How long it's going to take to fix the last 8 (or whether they add any more) is anybody's guess. I see a lot of activity is happening on the new command line project, so it's hard to tell if they're really focusing on 1.8.7 or diverting effort from it.
Good, I saw the size jump was there 3X-4X in the .exe - but couldn't find the post with my benchmark time I posted building the one Audio sketch. The 40 secs it took looked busy but not pegging anything.

Sounds like this is a stable point then for 1.8.6 having decent usability. Improvements don't always come without issues.

Paul I posted a touchRead() sketch that I didn't see any prior docs/examples for - Was amazed how effective a quick button could be made on a single pin and a wire/resistor. Is there a place a sketch like that could be useful?
The 40 secs it took looked busy but not pegging anything.

Wow, still 40 seconds to full rebuild? What kind of machine is that? Is it using HDD or SDD?

Arduino 1.8.6 and 1.43-beta3 running on my Linux desktop (admittedly high-end hardware) does a full rebuild of the USB_MIDI Interface_3x3 example (only 1 lib: MIDI) in ~3 seconds.
Just took near 43 secs for fresh start build of freeverb_stereo example, a rebuild completed in under 4 secs.

It is an i7-6700. Boots on HDD and then all IDE and TEMP and such for windows point to an SSD. Though HDD use is showing heavy with new IDE and as usual SSD under 5%

<edit> Above results using RemoteDesktop? There seems to be some variability - that may have made it worse? Back on desktop the 1.8.6 First build was faster:
With TeensyLoader closed - build audio FreeVerb Stereo timed until TLoader appears.
1.8.5 w/1.42 : 45 first Verify, 4 seconds re-Verify build
1.8.6 w/1.43 : 36 first Verify, 5 seconds re-Verify build

Disk activity shows Malwarebytes is alerted of disk I/O - but the files are under exclusion, and Windows Defender shows interest too in the activity
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Ok, I'm going to wrap up 1.43. Will do one more round of testing here and unless anything unexpected turns up, should have it released later today.
Paul can you please try menu when you have open 3 or 4 sketch?
I found slowness navigation again but only when is open more than 3 sketch at time.
Yeah on Mac El Capitan 10.11.7
Slowness appears with the same instance and also separate too. It happens when I have opened more sketch. If 1 or 2 all work smooth.
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