Teensyduino 1.56 Released

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This is all a but much for a 3.1 user. I don't understand what's going on here. I hooked up my Teensy 3.1 board to my iMac and Arduino IDE doesn't see it anymore. Instead I get Teensy 4 Security message. I don't have a Teensy 4 board and I can no longer use the IDE to upload sketches into my Teensy. Is the IDE broken? The Teensy toast? And what's this about a Security Key? What Key? There IS NO key .HEX nor .EHEX that I can see anywhere. Who's doing this and why?
Note I posted questions and the like up on the thread you created.

Again helps to know things like what iMac which version of OS, Which version of Teensyduino did you install.
Req to remove Artnet legacy library from the compiled binary

The Artnet library included in Teensyduino 1.56 executable (Atleast in macOS) uses, what I believe is the legacy release, version 1.0 from 2014, of the Artnet library from
Nathanaël Lécaudé

Doesn't compile for Teensy 4.1 (which uses NativeEthernet).

Quick Debug(so far):
The zip version of the Artnet library (v1.0), also, when placed manually in the Arduino's library directory throws error.
Since that library has been updated in it's repository to support Teensy4.1 but not yet have been updated in the Arduino's Library registry; so when installed through library manager, I guess it also uses the older .zip version and thus doesn't work (doesn't compile)

Current mitigation methods
On my macOS(V 12.2.1), I un-packed the Teensyduino 1.56 and muted (made it invisible) that legacy artnet library from the path:
by using:
mv /Applications/Teensyduino.app/Contents/Java/hardware/teensy/avr/libraries/Artnet /Applications/Teensyduino.app/Contents/Java/hardware/teensy/avr/libraries/.Artnet_old

Then I git cloned the latest artnet library in the Arduino's contributed library directory (on mac that is: /Users/<machine_name>/Documents/Arduino/libraries/)
git clone https://github.com/natcl/Artnet.git

And now it compiles! 😅

May be do not include it in the compiled version of the Teensyduino.
Also it seems the library's maintainer has been inactive since 2020. 😶.
May be someone should fork it and make it accessible through Arduino's Library manager and PIO's library manager.
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