Teensyduino 1.57 Beta #5

Download on W10 both versions (1.8.19 and IDE2 RC9)

Confirmed both teensy_secure.exe had the signed page.

Tested on Original beta locked T4, T4.1 and MMOD - and they all uploaded correctly, no longer Christmas tree lights ;)

Tested on most recent locked board and it works as well.
Installed on RPI4 running Ubuntu 64 bit... 1.8.19

Tried building Blink for T4.1 locked...

Build ran, but teensy app said, needs EHEX file...

Also installed RC9 on the RPI4... Again build ran, but Teensy app, again said EHEX file needed for locked Teensy
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Did you copy your key.pem file to that Raspberry Pi? The teensy_secure program needs your key to create the .ehex file.
Installed 1.8.19 TD 1.57b5 on Win 11 no problem.

Ran with latest two T_4.1's I got and both working well ... hopefully the same after soldering ... found a pack of 3 PSRAM's ... will see what I have for a FLASH and pins ...

Maybe not... Will check
Yes that was it :eek:

I sent that guess in email before visiting the forum this AM :)
Updated IDE 2 RC9 Win 10 laptop to TD 1.57b5 and it worked to update and program the last T_4.1 I got.

Both T_4.1's soldered up with pins - and still working!

Submitted Certified Teensy_Secure to MalwareBytes support to get it whitelisted as safe.
Quick update: I downloaded this both ways to a MAC and it worked both with locked T4.1 using Teensyduino.
and unlocked T4.1 on IDE2 RC9