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I want to install Teensyduino version 1.57 but on the webpage I can only download version 1.58. Where can I find former versions?
fwiw, the PJRC server has the last 64 releases, going all the way back to version 0.95.

The very early versions were removed when Cypress Semiconductor (now acquired by Infineon) was threatening trademark infringement against anyone hosting a certain Arduino library (which was first published before they filed for their "CapSense" trademark).

The beta test files are usually deleted after a couple releases. Until recently the PJRC website was hosted on a server with 80 GB, which didn't provide enough space to keep lots of beta software installers. Today we're on a new server with 480 GB. But after each stable release nobody downloads the betas that led up to it, so unlikely they'll be kept.
Right click the link (or control-click if your Mac mouse acts as only 1 button) to download the current version. Choose an option from the popup menu to copy the link.

Then in your browser's address bar, delete the current URL and paste the link. But do not press Enter yet. Look for the version number in the middle of the link. Edit it to "157". Then press Enter or click the go button.
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Another interesting question might be, do you really want 1.57? As for example if you look at the Arduino Board manager (Arduino 2.x), you will see the list of downloads of:

And there the 157 is actually 1.57.2, I don't remember if The .1 and .2s are for IDE2 specifically,,,
Must admit, at this point I don't recall what prompted the .1 and .2 updates, but I'm sure it was very minor stuff. 1.57.2 from Boards Manager in IDE 2.2.x is essentially the same as the 1.57 installer for IDE 1.8.x.