Teensyduino Library location


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I see Teensyduino has it's own library location apart from the Arduino libraries. I have about a hundred Arduino libs and would rather not dupe them into the Teensyduino folder. I'd like to keep Teensy-only libs there - is there any way to add a search path so the IDE can check both places for includes? I wonder if I put a symbolic link to the Arduino folder in the Teensy folder if that might do the trick
Teensyduino installs all of its libraries: <where your arduino IDE is installed>/hardware/teensy/avr/libraries/...

Arduino has it's search order:
For example: Arduino will mostly first search in your <Sketch folder location>/libraries for any library.
If it does not find it there (or at least one compatible).

If it does not find it there it will search the Hardware folder of where your boards were installed, with the right architecture type. (All teensy are marked AVR)
and search for libraries there.

If it does not find one there I Think it then searches: <where your arduino IDE is installed>/libraries

So again your Arduino folders libraries will mostly already take priority over the ones Teensy installs.
Ah - thanks for clearing that up. So I will be able to just keep my Teensy libs separate.

I'm sure other more active developers have a bigger library problem than a hundred, but the 'library' folder with only one level get a bit cluttered. :)
I just updated from Arduino IDE 1.8x to 2.2.1, To install the teensy tools you enter a .json URL. I cannot find the teensy libraries anywhere on my local drive, so I assume they are now stored in the cloud?
The location depends on your operation system. On MacOS and Windows it's a hidden folder (as viewed from Finder or Explorer).

On any OS, to see the full pathnames of all libraries Arduino used, click File > Preferences (may be Arduino > Settings on Macintosh) and turn on verbose output during compile. Then click Verify. Arduino IDE will tell you a *lot* of info as it compiles. Near the end will be a list of libraries it used (and any duplicates it ignored) with the full pathnames. All versions of Arduino IDE have this checkbox in the preferences, so this works on 1.8.19 and 2.2.1.

Once you know the full pathname, you can search for instructions specific to your system about how to access that location (if it is indeed one of the normally hidden places).
Found it, thanks! On my Win 10 laptop they are in c:\Users\<me>\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\teensy\hardware\avr\1.58.1\libraries\...
I installed the Arduino IDE for all users, but the teensy extensions got installed under my user profile. This is not a problem for me, but might this cause a teensy compile to fail if another user logs in to my machine and tries it?