Teensyduino RawHID not detected as an Android device


Hello Friend,
Looking for any suggestion/help to connect/debug/control Teensy (4.0) from Android Studio APP. Not able to get Teensy in Android studio.

Attached screen shot for more details -
Found 1 USB device(s) not recognized as Android devices:
Teensyduino RawHID

Little background:
- I got source code for Teensy
- I have code setup on the MAC Book and able to compile/flash Teensy
- I got an Android tablet with an APP, that sends command to Teensy 4.0 and it works fine
- I got Android APP source code, I have built it with Android studio on the MACBook
- I want to connect/debug/control Teensy from Android Studio APP, but not able to connect through micro-usb cable

Please note: I am beginner to the Teensy as well as Android app. Any suggestion will be a great help.
I want to see the live communication between Android Tablet with APP and Teensy using MAC Serial port (RawHID).
I tried to use USB splitter, but it didn't work. It either detect Teensy or works with Android tablet.
The Teensy is going to have to be connected to the tablet, the app won't be able to communicate with it otherwise.