Teensymoog desktop sound module

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Hi everyone,

First post on this forum and I have to say that I am totally noob. So I work with another technician to make my projects.

I saw this awesome project which is an emulation-recreation of legendary synthesizer, Minimoog by Pierre-Loup M.
You can find information in this following link https://hackaday.io/project/170474-teensymoog

I would love to create a desktop module version without keybed. So it will work by MIDI din and USB-MIDI. All I have is this code here https://github.com/troisiemetype/teensymoog
No schematics for hardware yet.

Do you thing we can create a schematic for this module? How can I get any help to turn the code into a module?

Ps. Some will recommend me to learn how to build it myself and yes that would be great but I already have too many things to handle in life and already have somebody to turn my projects into reality by acceptable fees.
Voice one of my "knobby" project is essentially a minimoog, voice 2 is as well, and voice 3 is 8 note polyphonic. It's easy to wire up because it just uses five knobs. You might have a look there, in the "general" forum.
Cant wait to make my own Microdexed. If it is possible over TeensyMIDIAudio that would be perfect!

TeensyMIDIAudio is currently nothing more than a breakout board with no intelligence, so I think this is not a big deal.
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