Teeny Guitar Audio Board

Also check, if everything metallic is grounded. All control and PU cavities should also be properly be grounded.
When you do that, also check the shielding. If something's broken there, you can add cavity shielding paint any time.I'm not a big fan of copper foil.
I checked some things.
- The noise goes away when I roll the volume down on the guitar.
- It is definitely the HB.
- The 5x switch is wired correctly.

Here are some pics.
There is almost no shielding:


The smal metal plate has GND potential. The pots and the 5x switch too.
The humbucker is properly grounded, Its metal case has a connection to GND.
I still wonder why the single coils are OK.. and as the HB is shielded itself, it is a little miracle..? :)
It is OK for now. I think I add some better shielding next time. What is the best way to do this? Aren't shielded cables enough?

If someone reads this: It's a cheap "Jack&Danny" strat clone.
Volume pot is 8.2K (?), the first tone pot is 254 k, the other 244k... pots and switch seem pretty cheap :)
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The cavities needs to be shielded. Use metallic paint, it's easy to apply and works great. Any Luthier supplier has this stuff. Put also a grounded wire to the bridge, I don't see any cable there. The vol pot should be 250k. 10k is to low. Did you measure it or just looked at the value? How much resistance have the pickups?