TFT Screen powers up and does nothing else


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I'm working to integrate the 3.2" TFT Color touchscreen I purchased here into my project, and after installing (photo below), and creating/uploading a test sketch, I have only a white screen. I have reconnected the pins. Here is the Test sketch. Have I left anything out? As before, any insight you may have is greatly appreciated.

#include <Adafruit_ILI9341.h> #include <SPI.h> #define TFT_CS 10 #define TFT_RST 3 #define TFT_DC 9 Adafruit_ILI9341 tft = Adafruit_ILI9341(TFT_CS, TFT_DC, TFT_RST); void setup() { pinMode(TFT_RST, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(TFT_RST, LOW); // Reset the display delay(100); // Wait 100 ms digitalWrite(TFT_RST, HIGH); // End the reset state Serial.begin(9600); tft.begin(); tft.fillScreen(ILI9341_BLACK); tft.setTextColor(ILI9341_WHITE); tft.setTextSize(1); tft.setCursor(0, 0); tft.println("Hello, world!"); }

And here is the current config:

Usually when that happens to me its the wiring. On quick review looks like you have RST got to 3,3v so either have RST set to 255 or hook it up to pin 3. Looks like you have pin 3 going to one of the touch pins? I would start by not hooking up anything else except the display first to make sure connections are correct.
Pin 2 is going to T_IRQ. I switched RST from 3.3v to pin 3, per the test sketch (D'OH!), and my Hello World message appeared. Thank you very much for the second set of eyes!
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