TFT touchscreen ILI9341 + XPT2046, on Teensy 4.1


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in my application I use a T.41 + Audio Board Rev.D + W25Q512JV (flash memory) + n.2 ESP-PSRAM64H.
The TFT display uses SPI1 pins (instead of SPI0, because there where issues on SPI0):
and everything works perfecly.

I have problems with the touch fuctionality; using the suggested pins:
the are clicks in the audio; the question is: is it possible to use different pins for touch?

Thanks in advance
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Not sure if this is your problem, but pin 8 overlaps with the first i2s input. There's a nice chart here that shows what's require for the audio shield:

T_CS and T_IRQ, Pins 8 and 2 should work on any free pin. And in many cases you can get by without using the IRQ.

You can also use the same SPI pins, for touch and display, just use different CS pins. This is how I've been using it for quite a while.