Tuner and Delay effects pedal


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For covering songs on Bass, based around rhythmic delays, I was in need of a digital delay pedal where an adjustable & exact delay setting was possible and with a readout to indicate so.
Pedals such as these are usually expensive, costing several hundred GBP/USD. So I built something with a Teensy 4.1 + Audioshield for less than 100 GBP. Added a Tuner display then allowed me to removed another pedal. Perfect.

Sharing with the forum the complete source on Github here.

Tuner: Dial adjusts the Cent range.

Delay: Dial adjusts the delay in 5ms steps
Cool project! If you're looking for something a little more rugged for guitar work, take a look at the Multiverse. It's a fully programmable stompbox pedal that lets you port Teensy audio effects to a fully polished DAW-like system. However, you can also just straight up program it as a Teensy as it's got a MicroMod inside. I provide a demo sketch for it in my BALibrary if you just want to treat it as a regular Teensy but take advantage of the enclosure, knobs, switches, display, built in guitar preamp, etc.
Before beginning this project, I at first researched what else was out there (and I do own other programmable pedals); For instance, was I about to waste my time producing what already exist? Thus I found Multiverse whilst doing so. Whilst Multiverse does indeed look cool, somewhat envious, but at £320GBP with that interface, it is the very reason why I set about creating this project. The price point is simply too steep for what people actually require for their use-case, that I speak with.

People want to walk up to a/the device mid gig, set/change a setting quickly then walk away hassle-free, with confidence that whatever change made is actually activated - from across the room/floor. Font size selected for the Delay is an example of this.

If people find this project framework useful, then that's great - I'm happy. If people want to pay £320 for a complete package - then that's great too, after all, different demographics are at play.