Tympan Rev D Master Hearing Aid based on Teensy 3.6

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Hey! We're going to be releasing the latest Tympan hardware very soon and I want to invite Teensy audio community to take a look at what we're up to. Hardware files are up on github https://github.com/Tympan/Tympan_Rev_D_Hardware and software files as well https://github.com/Tympan/Tympan_Library
Expected MSRP is ~$300.

In addition to the main Tympan board, we are also offering a CODEC Shield that adds another stereo in/out to the system https://github.com/Tympan/Tympan_AIC_Shield (couple of minor changes need to be pushed to that design)

Tympan is a project that is funded by NIH and NIDCD to create open-source hardware and software tools for hearing aid algorithm development. We are also very interested in making sure that our system is useful and hackable for people and projects outside the hearing aid and audiology research space. So we welcome feedback on our design to make it as useful as possible for the community to hack on!

Right now we are in the final stages of the design process. One thing we are thinking of adding is an option to switch to a high impedance on the audio input side to allow for more things to be plugged in like musical instruments, etc.

Let us know what you think here or on the Tympan github or Tympan forum.
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