U4 power IC


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I have a Teensy 4.1 that regulator IC U4 was over heating and shutting down. I decided to replace the IC and ordered a TLV75733PDRVR as that is the IC that is called out in the schematic. When the IC arrived I discovered that it was a 6 pin+pad package and the IC I removed from the Teensy 4.1 was a 8 pin+pad package. I checked another Teensy 4.1 that I have and discovered that it's U4 is a 6 Pin+pad package and the IC markings match the IC I just bought. My dead Teensy must be a different revision of the schematic and PCB layout (although component placement looks identical). Can someone give me the part number for the 8 pin+pad U4? The top IC markings is "GDH".
The schematic is consistent with the pictures of U4 showing 6-pin. I guess the first question is where and when did you buy Teensy4.1 and maybe you can post a picture?
The 8-pin is likely a NCV8186AMN330TAG.

Teensy 4.1 manufactured after March 2022 has TLV75733P (U4) replaced by NCV8186AMN330TAG, and BAT54C (D1,D2) replaced by BAS40-05V.


Teensy 4.1 manufactured after March 2023 has U4 replaced by TLV75533P, D1-D2 replaced by BAT54CTB6, and a different SD socket (J2).