Unable to design PCB so I can access SD Card Slot for T4.1 - Solutions?


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I seem to be not able to place the Teensy in my project, so I am able to access the SD and USB port from outside the case. USB is no problem, I have a USB-B Port that connects to a pin-header on the PCB and a Micro-USB to Pinspocket cable to make it available.
Reading the product Page of the T4.1, it seems, that there is now way to place a micro sd card slot onto the PCB and connecting it directly to the Teensy pins without loosing speed. Now I found some Micro-SD Extensioncables that are mostly associated with Raspberry PI, that would solve the problem, but how it the additional distance from the Card itself to the Teensy effecting it’s reliability?!

Does anyone has experience with those? Does it work?
Any other solution?

Thanks; Jens