Unable to find rebootor


It's just arrived the teensy 3.0 board (fast delivery)
I've try it with Teensy.Exe loading blink sample with no problem.
Then i've try to use Arduino 1.0.5 and follow the instructions Teensyduino Version 1.16
Following the instructions, on load, the board the console told me DOWNLOAD ERROR and the board stop to blinking and stop to respond!

I've try to use the commandline loader:with the followin error ...

teensy_loader_cli.exe -mmcu=atmega32u4 -r "code\blink_both\blink_both\blink_fast_Teensy2pp.hex"
Unable to find rebootor

How can i recover the situation?


I solved changing USB port and restarting Arduino. then I load by Arduino the Blink example SETTING CORRECTED LED PIN (previouse error default was 11) but getting an ERROR.
Then I close Arduino and used Teensy.exe to ad the button start to work again.
Now it's ok .. but i do not understand what's happe with arduino sw...

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With the command line tool, "-r" tells it to use another Teensy running the rebootor program. If no such Teensy is connected to your PC, you'll see that error.

The command line program only supports Teensy 2.0. It has not yet been updated for 3.0. There is an experimental (but working) version for 3.0, but so far only the Linux code has been updated.

On the Teensy Loader (GUI based), sometimes if the New Hardware Wizard delays detecting a device (either with dialogs or those bubbles over the tray area), Teensy Loader concludes the device did not reboot properly after waiting too long. The New Hardware Wizard usually will not run when the device reboots again. The error looks serious, but it's really just a temporary issue.

Also, if anyone really familiar with Windows internals knows how to monitor what the New Hardware Wizard is doing, to detect when a device has been connected by no notification is provided yet, please please please tell me how!?