Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

FWIW, I was on fleabay and I noticed a US seller (datacenterliquidation) selling the GC9A01 round displays that have a squarish PCB under them for $4-ish plus s/h (i.e. you will need to hide the PCB in your build). I was able to pick up 4 spares for $22.26. I probably have a few spares already, but as the title of the original post says, I can be hard on these displays, so it is helpful to have spares on hand.

The local steampunk event in May is doing an Alice in Wonderland theme, and I was thinking of doing a Chesire Cat with one of the eyes.
True to the title of the thread, I was wiring up the two new eyes I bought (see the previous post, #151). Now of course these new eyes have a different wiring layout than the previous eyes. So to test them out, I added jumper wires to the breadboard where I have the set of round eyes (with the GC9010A driver). In doing so, I broke one of the previous round eyes. Sigh....

As cool as the pure round eyes are, I don't think I'm going to use them since they seem so fragile. The new eyes have a round screen which sticks up, but the PCB that holds the screen is squarish, complete with mounting holes. I bought a pair of summer daisy sunglasses from the Dollar store, and when I popped the lenses out, I discovered that the new eyes round screen perfectly fits in the hole where the sunglasses lenses went. Cool. In addition, the 40mm convex glass or plastic lens with a lip that Adafruit sells for the Hallowing and Monster M4SKs also fits perfectly. I hope it turns out, and I will put out pictures if it does work out, probably first week of May (the steampunk event is on the 2nd week).