USB joystick does mot work in game. Please help


Hi all. I'm new at the Teensy so please bear with me.
I wired a joystick to the teensy 4.0 and set the usb type to keyboard,mouse,joystick. I used the sample basicjoystick example and it works in thw windows joystick tester and the Gamepad tester om the net.
The problem is the game Fortnite does not recognize it as a joystick for movement.
I tries all of the six axis's and all work in windows but not in Fortnite.
Has anyone run into something like this and can offer any help?

Update: I have DRL Drone sim and when trying it in that it does work. It must be Fortnite has a problem with it.
Still looking for suggestions.
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I have not found anything b searching. You must be better the I. I'll look at it and see if I can gleam something from it.
If you're still looking for code for the Teensy 4.0 as a gamepad. I've got one myself that works. I use it to game also.