USB Stratocaster Teensy 4.0 inside


I just debuted a project last night that I’ve been refining for years. It’s essentially an audio shield for Teensy 4.0 with some special features targeting the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. It uses the SGTL5000 stereo codec to capture the magnetic pickups on one channel and piezo saddle sensors on the other (or an optional 3rd pickup). I added another circuit board with 9DoF motion sensing and an “invisible whammy bar”, which also supports up to two RGB LED rotary encoders, and an external feature RGB LED for additional status indication…or whatever.

Because the two tone control scratch plate holes were absconded, I had half of the 2 pole 5-throw switch to play with, so I captured the switch position with some spare teensy pins, which I found useful for configuring the Seymour Duncan after-market pickups from noiseless to single-coil, to improve their performance.

Though there are controllable audio resources in the codec and teensy, my first live performance was simply sending MIDI program change messages to my laptop along with the audio, to a Reaper DAW setup as a plug-in host, with favorite presets from Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 & 6, and Blue Cat’s Axiom V2, where nearly every conceivable stomp box appears as instantly rewire-able software models, including impulse responses for acoustic guitar models…and fits in my gig bag!