Using Teensy for a Ethernet Application


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Hello Guys, Im Using the Teensy 4.1 SOC and the DP83825Ethernet PHY as it.
My Only question is will i be able to program the chip using the Arduino or is there any catch to it.

Thank you for suggestions guys
Do you mean program via the Ethernet interface? With Teensy, the ONLY way to load new firmware via the IDE is the USB interface.
No Sir, I will be programming it through USB but can the Teensy be programmed using Arduino ?? Or is there any Catch??
Like Joe said, no catch.
When you install Teensyduino in addition to the Arduino IDE, you will see that the NativeEthernet library is also installed. It comes with a lot of examples as well to get you started.
Here you see the WebServer example in the IDE, ready to be compiled & uploaded:


Recommend you use QNEthernet rather than NativeEthernet, which is no longer maintained. QNEthernet is developed and maintained by @shawn, a frequent contributor here.