VL53L0x and LCD same I2c

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We use 5 pcs vl53L0x lidar sensors with LCD . VL53l0x and LCD with I2C adapter use same pin 18- 19 SDA-SCL . This situtaion creates problem . WHY?

SDA-SCL has pull-up as well

LDC wrote some characters which we do not want . What is the solution ? Do we separete LCD-VL53L0x ? How do we separete? for LCD to use other i2c like SDA1-SCL1?
On an I2C bus, every device must have a different base address, so that each one knows which data is for them. Connect both and run the I2C bus scan sketch (in the Teensyduino example files menu) to determine if each of your sensors and the LCD has a different base address and make sure afterwards that your code addresses the devices correctly.

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