Well system monitoring... Use Teensy?

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KurtE interesting project you got going here, nice.
I am sort of new to the 3D printing, I was just curious if you needed to print any support for the ventilation slots in the prototype box if you don't mind answering.
I'm guessing because of the round angles you were fine.
I need to print Square cut out, do you have any advice maybe?
I am not overly experienced with 3d Printing either, but do play around. For the ventilation slots, I had rounded edges so it can easily support going out a little more for each layer until it has complete run again... Also for smaller rectangular areas, you can often get away with some rectangles, where the area does not completely fall in...

For larger areas, you probably need some support structures being printed. There are options in Cura (the slicer I am using), to tell it to add it or not. Also some control over it. The main thing is to arrange your printing in some way to minimize the issue.

But again I am no expert in this! But it is fun :D
Hey thanks for the advice I'm no expert either but it's definitely a fun.:)
I guess I'm just going to experiment a bit thanks KurtE, doing this on HICTOP CR-10S printer, we'll see how it goes.
Thought I would mention that I just reprinted the case again as yesterday I was having issues with the display not working... The break off female header was not making reliable connections, so I used the power solder sucker and removed the socket an directly soldered the display to the board. I did put in spacers on all 4 corners to hold it secure, plus to make sure the two parts did not short out...

The display is working a lot better, but, the stack was not as high anymore, so I shortened the height of the box. This time I told cura to add support Everywhere... I also printed it with a Raft adhesion...

So as you can maybe see in this picture, where it printed scaffolding into the horizontal areas, that I would then need to break off...

After it finished, I then removed the raft and the scaffolding...

Now to assemble a second one... Will probably start off with it soldered in...
Hi KurtE

I was also busy today printing but this orange piece in the middle ILI9341 TFT front bezel seat.:)
tft bezel seat.jpg
Unfortunately it appears for it to be normal for me to not finish this project...

Only after I run out of water do I start up on it again... WELL :eek: about a well a week or two ago we ran out of water again!

Still trying to figure out exactly why. There are a few obvious possibilities. The wells are not producing as well as they should. Probable. It took almost 5 days to fill the tank again, with us mostly camping out in the house... The wells would pump dry, then pump savers turn them off for maybe 2 hours and then pump again. The pumps would only pump for maybe 5-10 minutes each....

But once we had it filled, we would go for maybe 2-3 days before the top float dropped enough to trigger more water and then both pumps turn on and fully refill the tank, with run on about 25-35 minutes.

But we have figured out that maybe it is our filter systems, which are the main culprits. That is we have one that removes Iron and than it goes through second one with is a forward osmosis type... They both back flush. I just did not realize how much! So we put in a 300 gallon standing tank down the hill from well house, ran both drains from the units to the tank... I had the tank more or less empty last night. This morning both wells ran again, I believe both filters back washed during this and the 300 gallon tank overfilled!...

But tack onto using Teensy. Some of the basics appears to be working somewhat now, with the two Teensy boards talking to each other, the current sensors are detecting when the pumps turn on and off. It also records this data to an SD card. Every 5 seconds the one in the pump house tries to send a packet with state information... the one in my office receives enough of the packets to display the information... There are some display bugs, plus I want to assemble second display with my updated card... And then once I think this is working reliably, I will add some additional stuff, like not only just remembering the last times each pump turns on and off, but also remember how often they do this and maybe plot it, and keep trends...

But here is showing simple output from today!

I know there are a few display errors like the date time... But it shows both wells turned on at same time (highly probably float turned them on). And it shows both pumps turned off at same time, again most likely float turned them both off... So very likely tank FULL.

Now back to fixing some problems and enhancing it!
I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your project. I don't have a well to monitor, but have been able to use some of your code to send data packets with an rfm69. So thanks for sharing and excited to see the final product.
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